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Why do so many Albertans use our free service?


With over 7 years of experience in providing free home value estimates in central Alberta, we pride ourselves on our accuracy. Many other online sites or calculators promise to give you an accurate market value in just minutes, but this is impossible without taking certain details into account.

They may give you an estimate based on your neighborhood averages, but they usually fail to consider other important factors, such as:

Recent home improvements

Style of your house & features

Current market listing prices for similar homes

Appreciation rates in your area

We consider all of these factors and more when we calculate your free, no-obligation home value estimate.


All of your information is kept confidential. Your personal details and home value estimate will never be shared with any third parties. We pride ourselves on upholding a reputation of honesty and integrity, and we will do our best to ensure that your experience in using our home value estimation service is 100% positive.


There is absolutely no catch, our estimates are provided completely free-of-charge. You start by simply by filling out our online questionniare to tell us some basic details about your home, then we review your details and contact you with your home's current market value. You have no obligation to list your home with us if you are planning on selling.

About Our Company
Home Value Estimate is a service provided by the Melnychuk Real Estate Group, headed by Michael Melnychuk. We are proud to provide current market values for people living in Central Alberta. Our head office is located at 312 Saddleback Road in Edmonton, Alberta.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. We'd love to hear from you. You can phone us at 780-666-7336 or email us at


Name of Neighborhood

Approximate Square Footage

Type of Property

Approximate Year Built